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Reconstruction of Northern Aeration Station(NAS)

Customer: St. Petersburg WSC Contractor: «New Era» Realization 2006-2007​

Largest St. Petersburg WWTP in Olgino village was equipped with: 32 oxygen sensors for aerotanks , ​ 6 ammonium and phosphate analyzers in clarified and purified water, ​ sensors of suspended solids for all stages of purification, 12 silt level sensors for secondary sedimentation tanks, automatic samplers

Results: reduction of energy costs for aeration and pumping of sediment, improvement of cleaning quality

Automation of Central Aeration Station(CAS)

Customer: St. Petersburg WSC Contractor: «Tehnika» Project developer: «Aqua+» Realization 2008​

In a framework of the project the following equipment was delivered and installed in three reconstructed aeration tanks on island Bely: 2 sensors of dissolved oxygen, 9 sensors of the sum of nitrates and nitrites, 3 sensors for the concentration of the silt mixture, 3 analyzers of phosphorus, 5 automatic samplers were installed in three reconstructed aerotanks on the Bely Island. ​

Results: Optimization of the process of denitrification, reduction of phosphate discharge into the Baltic Sea​

Monitoring of aerotank operation on SW WWTP

Customer: Fund of J.Nurmanen, St. Petersburg WSC Contractor: «Tehnika» Realization 2009

In framework of the project the following equipment was installed on a pumping station in the premises of the most modern waste water treatment plants in the southwest WWTP of St. Petersburg: dual-channel phosphate analyzers, ammonium and nitrate nitrogen with a filtration system of 6 streams. ​

Results: Optimization of the process of biological phosphorus removal

Sewage control on water pump station, Moscow

Customer: Moscow WSC Contractor: «Aqua+» Realization 2009​

A flow chamber with pH, ORP, conductivity, COD, suspended solids and oil products were installed in the sewage pumping station outside the danger zone.

Results: Optimization of identification of unauthorized discharges by industrial enterprises

Integrated automation of WWT system

Customer: Novokuznetsk WSC Contractor: WSC structure Project developer: Moscow WSC NII Pro RDE-Project Realization 2009-2013​

The work was carried out in stages:
Stage one: Automation of blowers with installation of 20 dissolved oxygen sensors
Stage two: Installation of posts for waste water monitoring at the КНС and at the entrance to the treatment plant. Setting of suspended matter sensors, COD sensors, ammonium analyzers, phosphate analyzers

Results: After installing a monitoring post for two streams of waste water, the effectiveness of waste water treatment was increased.

Reconstruction of WWTP in Podolsk

Customer: Podolsk WSC Contractor: WSC Service Realization 2010-2012​​

The project included the reconstruction and construction of biological wastewater treatment plants with a capacity of 100 thousand m3 / day, and the control and regulation of the treatment process should be carried out automatically at all key points of the treatment facilities. Within the framework of the complex reconstruction of the block of 100 thousand Podolsk WWTP were delivered: 8 oxygen sensors, 8 ISE ammonium / nitrates, 4 ORP sensors, 6 sensors, suspended substances, and two dual-channel phosphate analyzers for aerotanks, as well as monitoring posts for ammonium, nitrates, phosphates, BOD, suspended in-in, pH, ORP and oxygen for incoming and treated wastewater.

Results: Continuous monitoring of wastewater treatment.

Work monitoring of bio-cleaning at the plant Ehrmann

Customer: «Ehrmann», Moscow Region Contractor: «EcoInstrument» Realization 2011​​

In a framework of the project it was a necessary replacement of non-functioning oxygen sensors Endress + Hauser and installation of a control system for phosphates also in the sludge mixture of aerotanks of local treatment facilities.

Results: Reduced aeration costs and protection from penalties by regulatory authorities.

Control of chemical phosphorus removal

Customer: «Japan Tobacco industry,» Elec Contractor: «EcoInstrument» Realization 2012​​

Experts of our company installed phosphate control system in partially treated wastewater for the automatic dosing of a coagulant to local treatment facilities.

Results:​ Significant (more than 20%) reduction in coagulant consumption, leveling of peak discharge situations.

Reconstruction of treatment facilities , Vinnytsia

Customer: Vinnytsia WSC Contractor: WSC services Realization 2012-2013

The work was conducted in the framework of the project of automation of wastewater treatment plants in Vinnitsa. The following equipment was delivered and installed by the specialists of our company: 22 oxygen sensors, 8 ORP sensors, 6 suspended solids sensors and 8 level sensors

Results:​ After the complete automation of treatment facilities, it was possible to reach 35% energy savings and the efficiency of wastewater treatment increased by 45%​

Outflow monitoring of wastewater treatment plant​

Customer: Novokuznetsk WSC Contractor: «EcoInstrument» Project developer: «EcoInstrument» Realization 2013​​​

A ready-made post for monitoring of two streams of treated effluent, mounted in a thermo-container with the installation of: 2 combined sensors COD, NO2 and NO3, 2 sensors of suspended solids, dual-channel ammonium analyzers.

Results: Continuous discharge monitoring for compliance with the requirements of FZ-219.

Engineering & installation of sewage monitoring network, Svetogorsk

Customer: International Paper, Svetogorsk Contractor: «EcoInstrument» Project developer: «EcoInstrument» Realization 2015-2016

In a framework of the project our specialists installed 22 conductivity probes, COD- and TSS sensors on a sewerage network of the production site of International Paper, Svetogorsk with connection to an existing SCADA.

Results: After the implementation of the equipment the peak loads on local WWTP were significantly reduced; stability of biological stage was increased.

Equipment for incoming wastes control, Moscow​

Customer: Moscow WSC Contractor: «EcoInstrument» Realization 2016-2017

In frameworks of the project, for protection of the treatment facilities of Moscow WSC (Kuryanovo, Lyubertsy) from exceeding of critical parameters, our specialists installed 3 sets of equipment, including sensors for determination oil in water, pH and ORP probes, and automatic water sampler for monitoring of incoming sewage.

Results: Implementation of the equipment significantly increased efficiency of wastewater treatment.

Control of treated wastewater , Domodedovo​

Customer: «PepsiCo», Domodedovo Contractor: «MyProject» Realization 2016

EcoInstrument’s specialists supplied the customer the following equipment: multiparameter analyzer for NH4 + NO2 + NO3 + PO4, TOC analyzer, pH and suspended solids probes for monitoring of treated wastewater at the inlet and outlet from new treatment facilities.

Results: Implementation of the equipment significantly increased efficiency of wastewater treatment.

Organization of autonomous sewage monitoring post, Moscow​

Customer: Moscow waterline Contractor: «EcoInstrument» Realization 2017​​

For an autonomous monitoring drainage post with battery power and a wireless data transmission system, our engeneers installed in a well the following monitoring equipment: UVAS Organic Sensor, FP360 Oil Product Sensor, Solitax Suspension Sensor, pH and Conductivity Sensors.

Results: After installing a monitoring post, increased the effectiveness of waste water treatment and achieved highest level of quality assessment of purification.

Equipment supply for the aerotanks modernization

Customer: St. Petersburg Vodokanal Contractor: «NPF Technika» Realization 2017​​​​​

As a solution for modernization our engineers supplied and installed the following complex of equipment: 8 LDO optical oxygen sensors with automatic cleaning system, 2 differential pH sensors and 2 Solitax sludge concentration probes in one measuring network system based on sc1000 controller.

Results: Such modernization allowed to return wastewater quality to the required quality standards.

Remote monitoring of chlorine and turbidity on nets

Customer: Moscow WSC Contractor: Green Effect Realization 2011-2013​​​​​​​​​

Our company specialists have found a solution to eliminate the problem of drinking water quality : development and installation of several nets of turbidity and chlorine control stations with wireless GSM-communication based on turbidity sensors 1720E sc and total residual chlorine CLT10 sc

Results: Permanent quality control of drinking water supply for Moscow residents is ensured.

Automatic water quality monitoring system of Tunguska water basin​

Customer: WSC of Khabarovsk Contractor &Project developer: «Aqua+» Realization 2011-2014​​​​

Our engineers prepared and supplied automatic laboratories on the 2nd and 3rd ascent to control PH, chlorine, Turbidity, color, Concentration of TOC, iron, manganese, Ammonium.

Results: The problem of automatic quality control of an underground water source has been solved.

Introduction of automatic chemical control systems in the water supply system of the Southern Zone of St. Petersburg

Customer: St. Petersburg WSC Contractor: «Tehnika» Realization 2012​​​​​​​​

The specialists of our company were tasked with creating chemical control systems, within the framework of which the following solutions were provided:
Installation of turbidity sensors with wireless GPRS communication system on 32 water pump stations with dispatching by ModBus TCP/IP.
Organization of 4 automatic laboratories on Moscow, Frunzenskaya water station for monitoring pH, conductivity, hardness, turbidity, color, concentration of TOC, Al, Fe.

Results: Continuous quality control of drinking water supply is ensured.

Monitoring chlorine dosing at a Novosibirsk WTP

Customer: Novosibirsk WSC Contractor: «Orion-Aqua» Realization 2015​​​​​​​​

Novosibirsk WSC is constantly upgrading equipment, researching and implementing the latest technologies to optimize the production processes of high-quality drinking water. Therefore, the specialists of our company did everything possible to help bring the process of monitoring drinking water to the highest level. Our engineers delivered and installed the following equipment: Supply of precision chlorine analyzers СL17 for monitoring disinfection process at central drinking water treatment plant.

Results: Continuous quality control of drinking water supply is ensured.

Control of incoming and purified drinking water, Balaam​

Customer: Balaam water supply station Contractor: «EcoInstrument» Realization 2015​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our experts have successfully installed reagent-less UVAS UV sensors for COD control, pH sensors, iron and color analyzers, used for monitoring of incoming and purified drinking water for a number of critical parameters using equipment with minimal service requirements.

Results: After the implementation of this project, a significant improvement in the quality of drinking water was achieved.

Equipment for a new drinking water treatment plant

Customer: Nyuksenitsa village WSC Contractor: «Aquatone» Realization 2016

Our experts can offer a variety of solutions for the purification and quality control of drinking water, always adapting to the conditions of the client. Within the framework of this project on a new drinking water treatment plant was installed the following: Sensors of turbidity, color of water, chlorine dioxide, pH, analyzers of alkalinity and aluminum, UV sensors of organic material with recalculation on COD-Mn.

Results: It was provided continuous quality control of drinking water supply.

Supply of 9 pumping stations with transfer of information to the control center, Novosibirsk

Customer: «Novosibirsk WSC» Contractor: «Orion-Aqua» Realization 2017​​​​

Chlorine analyzer Cl17, chlorine control panel CLF10, turbidity sensors Solitax, controller sc1000, 9 sets in total were supplied to control the total residual, free residual chlorine and turbidity at 9 pumping stations with transfer of information to the control center.

Results: Optimization of the control process for total residual, free residual chlorine and turbidity allowed increasing the efficiency of wastewater treatment.

Environmental monitoring of sewages from metallurgical plant into the Inhulets River

Customer: «ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog» Project developer & Contractor: «System Service» Realization 2013-1015​​​​

ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog is a metallurgical plant, the largest metallurgical enterprise in Ukraine.
Installation of autonomous environmental monitoring posts to monitor treated wastewater in the following indicators: pH, COD, total iron, chlorides, suspended solids, petroleum products.
Station №1- Inhulets River
Station №2 – diversion channel with the Inhulets River

Results: Installation of these autonomous posts allowed carrying out continuous monitoring of wastewater quality, which led to a reduction in the percentage of river pollution.

PH control of untreated effluent ay «Caprolactam» plant, Dzerzhinsk

«Sibur-Neftekhim» Realization 2008​​​​

The main products of the SIBUR-Neftekhim production are ethylene oxide, ethylene glycols, etc. These products are used as raw materials for petrochemical and chemical enterprises, as well as for enterprises of other industries. Therefore, timely neutralization of wastewater is of paramount importance. As a solution to this large-scale problem, our experts proposed and successfully implemented integration of differential pH sensors with an automatic cleaning system

Results: Such solution allowed to control neutralization of wastewater as well as to increase service interval from one week up to 6 months and save sensors lifecycle for several years.

Automation of aerotank aeration system on local treatment plant «Kirishinefteorgsintez» (Kinef)

«SURGUTNEFTEGAS» Realization 2008-2010​​​​​

The activities of the Surgutneftegas holding cover the entire technological chain from geological exploration and production of hydrocarbon materials to its processing.
Engineers of EcoInstrument provided installation of 14 digital optical oxygen sensors to monitor the supply of compressed air to the aeration tanks in the presence of sulphides and petroleum products.

Results: Optimization of the workflow of aeration system and a reduction in operating costs.

Monitoring system for chemically contaminated effluents of «Nizhnekamskneftekhim»

«TATNEFT» Realization 2009-2010

«Nizhnekamskneftekhim» is one of the largest petrochemical companies; it occupies a leading position in the production of synthetic rubbers and plastics in the Russian Federation.
The task, which our experts needed to solve, was control of effluents for the presence of organic pollutants (oil products). As a solution, was developed and implemented a system, which includes the use of absorption and luminescence sensors in the UV range (UVAS and FP360), as well as pH, conductivity, and suspended solids.

Results: Optimization of quality control of industrial wastewater.

pH monitoring in effluents of various industries in the plant «Phosphorit», Kingisepp

«Eurohim» Realization 2011​​​​​

«Phosphorit» Industrial Group is one of the leading manufacturers of phosphate fertilizers and feed phosphates.
The specialists of our company was set multifaceted task of ensuring the monitoring of effluents of various industries in the same factory. The following equipment was installed as part of this project: various digital differential pH sensors controlling the automatic sampling system for fixing samples exceeding the permissible pH.

Results: Autonomous operational monitoring of wastewater composition for all facilities of the factory.

Monitoring of storm sewage wells and chemical contaminated sewage for Nevinnomyssky Azot

«Eurohim» Realization 2010-1014​​​​​​​​​​

«Nevinnomyssky Azot» is a chemical company, the largest producer of nitrogen fertilizers and ammonia in Russia.
EcoInstrument Engineers installed in the wells sensors of nitrate and ammonium nitrogen, pH and organic content (COD), which used for precision nitrogen analyzers with sample preparation systems for chemically contaminated effluents.

Results: Constant and continuous monitoring of the condition of storm sewer wells and chemical polluted effluents in real time.

Ecoinstrument has a diverse portfolio of projects relating to the environmental markets, analytical laboratory, water and wastewater industries, pharmaceutical markets, petroleum industry, and semiconductor and electronics manufacturing markets.

There are quite a few companies that are able to implement large-scale projects (including design, timely delivery of the various equipment, the commissioning, personnel training, as well as maintenance and service) in the Russian market of analytical equipment.

After all, for the implementation of such projects the company should have a certain level of experience and sufficient resources.

Ecoinstrument is able to implement projects of any complexity due to high qualification of managers and technical specialists of the company, a wide range of the equipment offered, a network of regional and foreign representative offices, own service center.

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