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Before starting troubleshooting, please, pay attention to the following points (this is approximately 50% of all calls):

1. Check if the sensor (s) is connected correctly and the cables are not damaged, bent or tangled. Make sure that the selected sensor matches the task. Do not forget to remove the protective cap from the sensor, if available.

2. Check that the power is connected correctly. For appliances with battery power, make sure that the polarity of the battery is correct and that it is operative. Some devices are quite energy-intensive and can only run on alkaline batteries. When operating from an AC mains, ALWAYS check the conformity of its characteristics with that indicated on the device or the AC adapter. Make sure the AC adapter is working by connecting it to a similar device or by measuring the output voltage. Check visually or with a tester the integrity of the fuses, if they are available but without opening the case of the device.

3. Carefully inspect all external connectors and contacts on the device, sensor and cables. The surface should be clean and shiny, free of any traces of plaque and rust. Remove visible dirt with a piece of cloth dampened in alcohol. Do not use sandpaper or other abrasive - this is not always permissible!

4. Ensure that the calibration / standard / buffer solutions used are clean and correct. Pay attention to their shelf life. Try using them to calibrate / adjust another one 100% well-functioning device . If necessary, replace the solutions with fresh ones.

If all of the above does not solve the problem, select the type of your device in the following list for information on the most common faults. If your device type is not listed or you could not find the cause of the problem, please, ask your question by e-mail or by phone / fax in Moscow: +7 (495)745 22 90 / 91. .

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